Adding business value to payment data through datavisualization

@ Natixis Payments

Key achievements

  • Conducted market studies generating 300k+ view through the press (Les Echos, Le Figaro, BFM,) and social media.
  • Generated 100k+ qualified leads
  • Conducted major studies for strategy building and decision making


Natixis Payments processes electronic payments for the French banking group BPCE, which represents more than 20 millions payments cards, or approximately one fifth of the French market.


In 2020, I joined a team aiming at helping Natixis Payment, its Fintechs, and the BPCE goup, adding business value to its anonymized payment data. It was part of a mission proposed by Axileo, my consulting firm.

The team would have to face many challenges :

  • There was no predefined roadmap. We would have to imagine use cases and experiment them.
  • We would have to build a way to link data and business, to make the data intelligible.
  • We would have to convince sales, marketing and communications team to work with us, and support them in the use of the data.


My role was to build dashbords with GCP and Power BI, to find the best way to communicate data using data storytelling, and to support sales, marketing and communication teams in their use of the data.

I gradually moved toward building more in-depth analysis with key actionable insights.

As the team and the number of projects grew, I leaned toward a lead data analyst role, mentoring others, sharing expertise, managing the distribution of tasks and taking accountability for the results.


The offers that emerged from these iteration phases can be classified into three major areas:

  • Brand image development
  • Lead generation
  • Strategic studies

We conducted projects across those three areas for numerous departments within the BPCE group and for its fintechs (Dalenys, Payplug, Xpollens, Bimpli, …).

Tools & methods :

Isoft Statsmining, GCP, Azure, Python, Power BI, Agile methodology (Scrum, SAFe).

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